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Inglewood Neighborhood Guide Quick Guide to Inglewood Dining, Recreation and Real Estate

The City of Inglewood

Inglewood is just four miles from the east side of downtown Nashville, with a landscape that features tree covered communities and lush green lawns. Inglewood is a unique and affordable city within the Greater Nashville-Davidson County. Beautiful historic homes, were built between 1940 and 1969, and align each Inglewood neighborhood.

Inglewood Real Estate

Older homes are being renovated with modern amenities, make up nearly the entire architecturally styles in Inglewood, amid commercial businesses. Other varied styles include Tudor, Romanesque, as well as studio apartments, single family homes, town homes, condominiums, ranch lands, and cottages, are what each walkable Inglewood neighborhood offers.

Inglewood neighbors are a wonderful, friendly mix of college students and their professors, upward mobile families with school-aged children, and active senior citizens. Transportation options are available to residents and visitors, in the form of buses and trains, as well as a busy Interstate that offers about a 10 minute commute to most jobs.

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Educational Environment

The Greater Nashville-Davidson County Public School District allows families to attend schools in their zone or any district school, if there is attendance space. Students are invited to attend public, charter, magnet, private, and other specialty Nashville area schools. There is just one elementary school within the city of Inglewood, whose grades are PK-4. There are over 114 elementary schools within the Nashville area.

The closest, top rated public schools, are located in the Nashville-Davidson County School District. School that are within a short distance from the Inglewood zone, includes Dan Mills Elementary, 1.5 miles from Inglewood, Ross Elementary at 2.1 miles, and Madison Elementary located 4.1 miles from the City of Inglewood. Middle schools, private schools, and high schools, consists of over 138 educational facilities through grades 12. The Nashville-Davidson School District has a national rating of 8 out of 10.

Major colleges and universities surround the City of Inglewood via the Nashville-Davidson County District. These higher educational institutions are mainly centered in Nashville, consisting of two and four year institutions, applied technology schools, for profit colleges, private colleges and universities, and liberal arts and private liberal arts educational experiences.

Recreational Activities

The City of Inglewood contains many community parks that feature picnic area and miniature sports fields. The majority of larger amenity filled parks are within downtown Nashville, such as the Riverfront Park, located on 1st Avenue, North. The Riverfront is ever changing with new fun-filled amenities for the whole family, which includes boardwalks, dancing fountains, spray fountains, play grounds, piers, entertainment spaces, wetlands, plazas, new docking facilities, bike paths, and plenty of open play space. Inglewood residents have 108 parks to choose from throughout the Nashville-Davidson County area, featuring friendly dog parks, walking/biking/skateboarding trails, art classes, educational and cultural programs and senior activities.

Shopping and Dining

Inglewood City is very family oriented, and this is reflected in its dining and shopping experiences. Brand named dining spots and local restaurants are a part of its everyday cultural. Surrounded by the Cumberland River, Inglewood’s Riverside Village is the gathering area for residents. Riverside Village is filled with retail shops and nationally popular restaurants, all of which retain the Tennessee motto of a commitment to sustainable, green living.
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