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    Nashville Downtown / Midtown Condos Real Estate

    Downtown Nashville is drawing upward mobile individuals who want to be near the action and centered in the city. More people are choosing to live in downtown Nashville and developers are listening to their needs. Historic buildings in downtown, which once housed warehouses, mills, and former traditional apartment units, are turned into upscale condos. Increased downtown living is spurred by tax incentives by the Nashville city government and the growing influx of entrepreneurs, young families, and international travelers.

    The amenities and the varied styles of downtown condos will make your choice of residence a difficult one. Nashville is not only known as the “music capital” of Tennessee, but it is also fondly known as “Nashvegas.” Some of the same features and attractions which fosters its nickname, includes the Riverfront, its music scene, music bars, chef-inspired restaurants, active theater productions, and its eclectic neighborhoods. Some of downtown Nashville’s neighborhoods include the Gulch, Hope Gardens, North Gulch, North Capitol, Rolling Mill Hill, Rutledge Hill, and Sobro.

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    Unique Condo developments in Downtown Nashville:

    Ambrose Lofts – 162 Fourth Avenue North

    • Type: Renovated 1940’s printing company building.
    • Style: 2 story multi-bedroom condos
    • Units: 21
    • Amenities: tall metal beams, roomy open living space, ground floor houses two fast food restaurants, a dentist and chiropractor offices

    Church Street Lofts – 305 Church Street

    • Type: Conversion of 3 downtown buildings into 1 condos building
    • Style: 3 story multi-bedroom condos
    • Units: 17
    • Amenities: elevator, 10-18 ft. ceilings, some floor plans with private balconies, hardwood floors

    Phoenix Lofts – 207 3rd Avenue North

    • Type: Renovated warehouse
    • Style: 6 story multi-bedroom condos/lofts
    • Units: 10
    • Amenities: elevator, floor to ceiling sound proof glass, open floor plans

    Art Avenue Lofts – 231 Fifth Avenue North

    • Type: Renovated retail building in the business district
    • Style: 4 story, multi-bedroom condos
    • Units: 32
    • Amenities: rooftop terrace, spacious open floor plans, large bay windows, and retail space on the ground floor

    Encore – 301 Demonbreun Street

    • Type: newly constructed (2008) condos
    • Style: 20 story luxury condos
    • Units: 333
    • Amenities: security concierge, elevators, pool, indoor movie cinema, fitness center, balconies, outdoor decks, and ground floor retailers

    The Quarters – 178 Second Avenue North

    • Type: reconverted (2006) luxury condos
    • Style: 4 story upscale condos, 1 bedroom, 1 bath
    • Units: 32
    • Amenities: rooftop deck, elevator, large closet, fully equipped kitchen, and a great view of the Cumberland River

    Bennie Dillon Lofts – 700 Church Street

    • Type: renovated luxury 1927 Renaissance high-rise condos
    • Style: 4 story studio and 1 or 2 bedroom condos
    • Units: 86
    • Amenities: hardwood/terrazzo floors, large windows, tall ceilings, granite countertops, sliding glass security doors

    The Exchange – 309 Church Street

    • Type: former downtown office building
    • Style: 5 story, multi-bedroom, luxury condos
    • Units: 47
    • Amenities: security entryway, elevator, open floor plans, brick walls

    Viridian – 415 Church Street

    • Type: first condo building erected in downtown Nashville
    • Style: 31 story, multi-bedroom, upscale condos
    • Units: 305
    • Amenities: rooftop pool/terrace, furnished clubroom, fitness center, 24 hour concierge, elevators, a grocery store

    Cumberland Penthouses – 555 Church Street

    • Type: 1998 constructed condos
    • Style: 24 story, multi-bedroom, open floor plans
    • Units: varied luxury condos and apartments
    • Amenities: 24 hour concierge, fitness center, elevators, underground parking, balconies, private courtyard, clubroom, large windows with panoramic view of downtown

    The Kress – 239 Fifth Avenue North

    • Type: renovated, historic Kress building
    • Style: 5 story, 1-3 upscale bedroom condos and penthouses
    • Units: 30
    • Amenities: elevator, private terraces, 2 rooftop gardens

    Watauga Lofts – 222 Polk Avenue

    • Type: renovated brick office and hotel building
    • Style: 6 story, 1-2 bedroom condos
    • Units: 25
    • Amenities: tiled bathrooms, granite countertops, comfortable living spaces, modern appliances

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