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Brentwood Real Estate

Brentwood, TN Real Estate

The state of Tennessee has a growing population, and Nashville is one of the state’s fastest growing cities. Many people have re-located for the country/gospel music industry and other companies like Comdata, AT&T and DaVita, which have drawn thousands of families. This affluent town of Brentwood has also grown and now has over 39,000 residents. Since I-65 was routed right through the center of Brentwood in 1969, people have found this affluent town extremely accessible, and the town has grown.

Brentwood offers a variety of beautiful real estate with over 2,000 homes now built. The city has been growing for years, but it was in the 1990’s when the majority of deluxe homes were built. Today, lots are available if it has always been your dream to build your own house. The existing homes are uniquely designed and some are absolutely extravagant. With manicured lawns or a forest of trees and foliage, the beautiful environment of Tennessee speaks for itself. And, of course, there are the plantation-style homes that depict the Tennessee lifestyle.

The sizes of these exclusive homes vary as much as the cost. They typically range from a three bedroom/three bath to magnificent estates with eight bedrooms. There are incomparable homes to meet your style and taste, and you are invited to explore Brentwood and find the one for you.

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A City with Class

Brentwood began as a wealthy suburb of Nashville, and its history reaches back into the 1700s as most of Tennessee does, followed by the Confederate War in the 1800’s. Most of Tennessee was held by tobacco plantation owners, and after the war the plantation houses began to be sold, and the plantations were broken down into smaller lots. There are over 600 acres of parks in the Brentwood area, which are reminiscent of the heritage of plantations.

The residents in Tennessee are “Green” oriented, and as a result there are over 10 magnificent parks in the Brentwood area, some of which are River Park, Tower Park, Owl Creek and Granny White Park. These are designed with walking/biking trails, areas for Frisbee and football or a great Saturday picnic in the park.

Williamson County School District

The Williamson County school district resides over Brentwood, and the education of each child is valued. There are seven public elementary schools, three middle school and two public high schools, and the Brentwood Academy is a private school in this district, which serves middle and high school students. There is a community atmosphere that is inviting and makes it difficult to resist moving here.

The Brentwood Experience

The restaurants in Brentwood are focused on serving their guests with luxury and style. They offer impeccable food and service so that you and your family have a memorable experience. The shopping in the malls and boutiques are a fun way to spend an afternoon finding treasures, and local shopping will supply you with the essentials.

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