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Great Neighborhoods to Move to in Nashville, TN

Relocating to the lovely city of Nashville, Tennessee is a great choice. With many types of neighborhoods within the city limits, finding the perfect neighborhood to suit your family’s needs is easily possible. Whether you prefer a proximity close to businesses, shopping, entertainment, or an area with less activity and more aesthetic attributes, there are a great number of excellent neighborhoods of which to choose. Here are a few notable neighborhoods you should look at first in your home search:

12 Avenue South:

12 South Real Estate

Located in an area south of downtown Nashville, this neighborhood is enjoying a “rebirth”. Young adults have moved in to purchase and revamp old houses, restoring them back to their original beauty. The result is a plethora of unique one-of-a-kind boutiques, quaint restaurants, and fun nightclubs. If you are of the younger set, either in age or in mind, this area is a perfect choice when considering Nashville. [Explore 12 South Real Estate]

East Nashville:

East Nashville Real Estate

Another neighborhood best suited to young families, but are looking for a more relaxed neighborhood is East Nashville, located across the mighty Cumberland River and just a stone’s throw from downtown Nashville. Originally built in the 1900’s, homes in this neighborhood have been carefully restored by its younger residents. A neighborhood that is culturally diverse, this area is also home to some of the better restaurants in Nashville. Its residents include artists and musicians looking for a city “escape” while being close to Nashville’s activity. [Explore East Nashville Real Estate]

Belle Meade:

Belle Meade Real Estate

A richer community skirting the outside of the West End, Belle Meade is made up of historic mansions such as the Belle Meade Plantation and Cheekwood that are historic tourist attractions. The neighborhood’s residents are comprised of many country stars. A neighborhood rich in elegance, this is an excellent choice for exquisite family living. [Explore Belle Meade Real Estate]

Forest Hills:

Forest Hills Real Estate

When relocating to the Nashville area, this community of 5,040 is the perfect choice for a family with children. Away from the hustle and bustle of large city life, this wooded area lies south of Nashville. Forest Hills residents enjoy no property tax as its funds are acquired mainly from the state of Tennessee. The neighborhood has only residential development with commercial entities prohibited. It enjoys many excellent schools, making it a prime choice for raising a family. It is close to Radnor Lake that provides hiking trails, a nature center, horseback riding, picnic areas and golf courses for outdoor recreation. [Explore Forest Hills Real Estate]

Oak Hill:

Oak Hill Real Estate

Beautifully landscaped trees adorn the streets of Oak Hill. Situated south of the downtown Nashville area, Oak Hill is comprised of about 1,800 homes with approximately 4,700 residents. Oak Hill provides its own street maintenance, trash pick-up, and zoning. Emergency services are provided through the city of Nashville. It is completely residential with no commercial buildings within its boundaries. There are many good schools and a number of churches within the community. Outdoor recreation is convenient with the 1,200-acre Radnor Lake facilities within the community’s perimeter. This neighborhood is within a fifteen-minute commute to downtown Nashville making it a good choice for family living with the convenience of the city’s job opportunities. [Explore Oak Hill Real Estate]

Finding the Right Neighborhood:

The Nashville, Tennessee area is an exciting area to explore as a future home. Depending upon what you and your family’s needs may be, there is sure to be a neighborhood within the Nashville area that meets those needs to provide a great living experience. If you are searching for city living with quaint shopping, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities or if you prefer the more rustic, quiet life of the Hill’s neighborhoods, Nashville is the place to be.

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