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    Your Solution to Work Stress & Losing Time

    Have you been bogged down with stress, work issues, and a plate-full of e-mails and text messages? Maybe it’s time to find your one thing that will help you focus and change your life around for the better. In a new, inspiring book, Jay Papasan and Gary Keller explore common issues people might face in their daily hustle of life and challenge known idioms that we have believed to be beneficial (yet aren’t). If you’ve been wanting to become more productive at your work, live a more satisfying life, and make time for yourself and your family, then The One Thing is for you!

    It has personally changed my life and I can testify to its effectiveness. Here’s what I had to say about The One Thing:

    The first few pages of Part 2 of the book – “Unclenched” – had a major impact on me. Gary talks about getting success and then getting sick and then getting sick of success. And in response to this he says, “I got unclenched. I actually started listening to my body, slowed down, chilled out…I had breakfast with my family. I got in shape physically and spiritually and stayed there.” I NEEDED to hear this. It was a reminder that success doesn’t have to look and feel like what so many people perceive. It also gave me permission to not attempt to do so much. Playing with my son before I leave for work and being there to put him to bed at night are way more important than anything at the office. And the cool thing is, I can do this and still achieve big results, because “success is sequential not simultaneous.” As long as while I’m at the office I’m asking the clarifying question and lining up my lead domino, I can enjoy personal fulfillment and professional success.

    If you want to experience and learn what I have received from The One Thing, check out a copy today!

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