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Things Your Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know (But Can’t Say)

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A home sale can sometimes feel like a one-sided process. Whether you’re buying or selling, it may seem difficult to get real feedback from your realtor. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, see below for some secrets straight from the source.

The agent has little control

No one can ever really predict how fast something will sell, especially when it comes to real estate. Your realtor does have to cover certain basics in order to sell, but once that’s completed, they have little control.

Armstrong Advice: Before hiring, ask your real estate agent how long it takes their listings to sell. Compare to others and you’ll hopefully find a winner (Armstrong, of course!).

Your house is messy

A messy home is a happy home, right? Not if you’re trying to sell. Prospects may head straight towards the door before seeing your house’s true potential. Because of the sensitivity issue, your realtor may be sneaky and tidy up before a showing. To avoid having an awkward conversation, some may even return the property to its pre-cleaned state after the showing.

Armstrong Advice: Avoid leaving dirty dishes in your sink. Have a pet? Hide the litter box or kennel.

People are petty over refrigerators

When it comes to negotiating, you win some, you lose some. One side may try to one-up the other (if they can). And this often involves the refrigerator. Why? Because it falls into the gray area of determining whether or not it’s part of the home or not.

Armstrong Advice: Avoid smaller issues becoming bigger issues by specifying in your purchase contract whether the fridge stays or goes.

Your house smells bad

If you have pets in your home, realtors may have no problem letting you know it smells like it. But if it smells a little fishy from last night’s dinner or reek of mustiness, it’s a slightly awkward subject to bring up. Homeowners rarely notice their home’s distinct smell, but guests certainly do.

Armstrong Advice: Consider opening all your windows and airing out your home ever so often to keep it smelling neutral. Added  bonus: You’ll be able to make sure your windows aren’t sticking.

Don’t ask your agent about race or ethnicity

According to the Fair Housing Act, it’s unethical to have your agent show you homes or steer you in a certain direction based on the predominance of a certain “race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and the presence of children.” So if you think your realtor will reveal any of this information, think again.

Armstrong Advice: If you’re genuinely interested because you’re new to the area and want to live in a family-friendly area as opposed to a hipster hotspot, there is some research you can do on your own. Feel out the area by driving around and visiting local spots. Next, look into the school districts, crime rates, and amenities for more information.

You can’t afford this house

Agents can help you find and buy the perfect house, but they can’t make magic happen in terms of your finances. When it comes to deals, if you aren’t prepared fiscally, don’t lean on the agent to know your limits and set your budget.

Armstrong Advice: Always maintain your credit, save for closing costs, and only look at properties that are realistically in your budget.

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