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Snag Your Ideal Buyer With These Essential Staging Tricks

5Are you thinking of selling your home in Nashville? Sometimes preparing to sell your home can feel overwhelming. Even in this great Nashville real estate market! It doesn’t have to be. We find it helps to focus on one thing at a time. Start by thinking of the ways you need to prepare your home before it ever goes on the market.

Focus on this simple task: removing anything that could distract a buyer.

At Armstrong, we remove distractions for buyers with a three-tier solution we call 3D Vision.

That’s declutter, depersonalize and design.

When the potential buyer sees your home through 3D vision, you’re a shoe-in for a sale.


Clutter is a part of everyday life for most people. But, clutter communicates more than a busy lifestyle to buyers. It communicates flaws with the home.

For example, kitchen countertops covered with pots, pans and papers can signal to the buyer that your home has insufficient cabinet space. This countertop clutter sends a negative message to potential buyers that even stainless steel appliances can’t compete with.

Create a less cluttered space by taking the following steps:

  • Begin the process of packing up early. You’ll have to do this job eventually. Taking this step now will make your home appear larger to potential buyers. Don’t keep the boxes in the garage, as that only shifts the clutter to a new point in your home. Instead, store items in an attic or a relative’s home.
  • Remove the evidence of your pets. You love your pets. Potential buyers won’t. Clean your yard. Spend time eliminating pet odors. Clean the pet hair off of your furniture (and the floors). And, make sure to pack up pet toys.
  • Clean up the money rooms: the kitchen and bathrooms. Clean your stove and oven. Remove all pictures, magnets, and notes off of the refrigerator. Enhance your counter space by removing smaller appliances that will be moving with you to your new home.
  • Sell and Donate: Don’t commit to more than you can do, but if you’ve been considering a yard sale – now is the time. Get rid of old furniture to maximize the space of your home. Toss out general junk, outdated items and clutter clothes that could make your home appear smaller.


Depersonalizing your home will help potential buyers to imagine it as their own. When your home is neutral, they can visualize their life happening in the space. They’ll imagine how they would decorate the rooms. What they would cook in the kitchen. What kinds of moments they would enjoy day to day. This type of imaginative thinking is critical to a sell.

You can foster this by taking a few simple steps:

  • Take down large groups of family photos
  • Remove collections and trophies from view
  • Remove markings of your children’s heights or names from the walls/doorframes
  • Remove any strong political or artistic statements.


Naturally, design trends differ as much from neighborhood to neighborhood as they do from person to person. However, our research in home design trends popular in the Nashville area have led us to believe that there are design choices you can make to attract buyers this season.

  1. Decorate for young professionals. Ditch outdated tones for gray and neutral colors on anything from walls to kitchen cabinets. Younger buyers prefer a sleek and neutral color palette. Open and bright spaces will appeal to the young buyers currently flocking to Middle Tennessee.
  1. Southern contemporary folk-style. That’s a mouth full. It’s also a favorite of buyers in our area. To achieve this look, take special care to showcase the appeal of any outdoor spaces in your room – like patios and garden areas. Green up the inside of your home as well. Succulents are a quick way to your buyer’s heart.
  1. Let the sun shine in… the kitchen. A creamy white kitchen that shows off the southern sun is a perfect way to welcome buyers into the home to stay, hopefully for years to come. Take on a small project that will yield returns, more on that in chapter six, by choosing projects that will yield returns like repairing outdated floors, countertops or cabinets.


Did you find this information helpful? At Armstrong Real Estate, we make sure every Nashville real estate transaction in our hands goes smoothly. That means keeping you informed, providing you with information like you’ve found here and caring for you with our money and time. If you’re looking for a realtor in Nashville, TN, you can contact any of our real estate experts at 615.807.0579. All of our real estate agents are experts in TN real estate, and they can assist you in buying your home, selling your home or simply starting the conversation around a real estate transaction. Begin the process to make one of the homes in Tennessee yours today!

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