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Should You Sell Your Nashville Home Right Now?

Consumer confidence is increasing by leaps and bounds, and Americans at several income levels are saying real estate is the best long-term investment for their money. How can you take advantage of this? By placing your home on the market this summer.  

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Why Sell Your Home?

People sell their homes for a number of reasons: your family is getting bigger, you are relocating, or perhaps, your income has increased and you can afford to live in the house of your dreams. Whether you are moving up, downsizing or moving on to another opportunity, this summer is providing the perfect environment for homeowners hoping to sell and recoup on their investment.

Now Is The Time to Sell (and then buy!)

Banks, credit unions and other lenders are still providing low interest rates. The unemployment rate is dropping and income levels are increasing again providing ample spending opportunity. Prices are rising, but with them the interest rates eventually will follow. In order to sell your home now and purchase another home there is no better time than the present conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Selling Right Now?

With the housing inventory low, there is a higher demand and in turn your home will be on the market for a significantly less amount of time. Springtime is typically when consumers are ready to make a change, so now is the time to capitalize on financially-sound buyers. It is easier than ever to get a home mortgage, and prices surged last year more than 10 percent. If you sell your home now, it will most likely sell for close to or above your asking price since good listings are limited. This creates a sense of urgency in buyers who want to secure their home before prices go any higher.

What Do I Need to Do Now That I’m Ready to Sell?

First, find an agent who knows the ins and outs of your area. They know the business and will be able to come up with a strategy to get the most out of your home. Referrals are wonderful, but agents who have proven success selling in your neighborhood with your type of home go the distance.

Second, have a home inspection done. It’s a good idea to have a professional HVAC inspector check out your heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well. Now is the best time to get these inspections done before repairmen hit their summer rush. While you’re at it, check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, home security system and fire extinguishers. To go the extra mile, check your plumbing, re-caulk your sinks and showers, inspect your windows for leaks, and search the basement and attic for signs of rodents.

Finish up any home improvement projects you have lying around. A good example of these are re-carpeting a room or painting walls neutral colors.  Finally, do your deep cleaning, both inside and out. Dust everything (including ceiling fans and blinds!), wash windows and fireplaces, touch up scuff marks on walls, wipe down cabinets, re-organize your closets and pantry, and clean those baseboards. If you are not completing any major updates, these suggestions along with any necessary curb appeal improvements will ready your home for a summer sale.

If you have any more questions about what you can do to prepare your home to sell this summer or need to speak with an agent who is an expert in your area, please contact us. Still in need of more information about the home selling process? Please take a look at our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home.

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