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Seven Summer Updates To Make Your Home More Sellable


Thinking of selling your home this summer? Feeling like it’s miles away from being market ready? Fear not! Here are some quick, inexpensive projects (and general tips!) that fit into your summer schedule.

1.) Update your outlets. Real talk: How many USB dependent gadgets or devices does your family own? Probably a lot, right? Replacing your old outlet fixtures with USB wall sockets is an easy convenience upgrade, making your home more tech friendly. Good news. These wall outlets start at roughly $15 at Home Depot!
2.) Go wireless. Wires can be unsightly and distracting, especially behind that beautiful 50 inch flat screen TV. Get yourself a wireless HDTV module and eliminate the cables! This is an easy upgrade that makes any living space much more appealing to potential buyers.
3.) Tame the garage space. A big garage can be a huge selling point for a home. Often, the garage becomes an overflow room. With all the clutter, it can be difficult to see how great a space it actually is. Give it a good clean and make sure it looks organized. Clear out anything unnecessary and give your future potential buyer the ability to imagine their stuff in there instead. Rule of thumb: treat your garage like just another room in your home!
4.) Go neutral. Get rid of any wallpaper or paint colors that may be outdated and think neutral. It will be easier for your potential buyer to imagine themselves in their future home if you stick to solid, neutral colors. This is the easiest way to truly transform a space on a tight budget!
5.) Replace old doorknobs. Buy some shiny new knobs for the major doors in the house. This is such a simple fix that can make a big difference. You’ll be amazed at how something as easy as a doorknob, can make a whole door look brand new.
6.) Sharpen the exterior. Give the outside of the house a new paint job too! Invest in some new garden tools and get to work. People say to never judge a book by it’s cover, but your potential buyer will. So, make sure that their first impression is a good one. Landscaping doesn’t have to be an expensive commitment. It can be a DIY job. The goal is green. Head to any local home improvement store or plant nursery and tell them your goal. They’ll be able to help you pick out some great seasonal plant options.
7.) Document. Lastly, grab your camera and get a few great snapshots on a beautiful sunny day. These will come in handy when it’s listing time and will be one less thing you have to think about.

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