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Save Energy and Boost Your Home’s Resale Value



Looking to sell or add value to your home? With the Nashville real estate market heating up both literally and figuratively as we enter the summer months here are some tips to reduce your monthly energy bills.

  1. Replace Windows & Roofing
    Old windows with gaps let air escape, which means you’re losing money. Replace them with energy-efficient windows and you’ll reduce costs. The same principle applies to your roof. A new, properly installed roof will also increase resale value.
  2. Seal & Insulate Take the time to seal your home’s walls, windows, cracks, and consider using foam insulation. Not only does this save on utilities, but it also reduces outside noise, prevents an inflow of dust, pollen, insects and debris, and better controls humidity.
  3. Replace Siding
    Replacing your current siding with new vinyl siding provides a 78% return on investment. To see savings on your energy bill, make sure the contractor uses ENERGY STAR-rated underlayment and corner wrap to protect from moisture.
  4. Get an Energy-Efficient Furnace
    In today’s market, a newer furnace is what homebuyers are looking for. If a seller has a 20-30 year old furnace, this may be a deal breaker in selling. Consider upgrading to an energy-efficient furnace to prevent stalling negotiations.While some of these upgrades may be costly, here are a few other energy-saving tips to help save more money in the long run.
  5. Clean out your fridge. It’s one of the biggest energy hogs in your entire home, with the average fridge using nearly 14% of a household’s energy.
  6. Always wash with cold water, laundry detergent works just as well, and you’ll save 40 cents per load.
  7. Change or clean your AC’s air filters at least every 60-90 days to keep your system running at peak performance.
  8. Unplug battery chargers when the batteries are fully charged or the chargers are not in use. Many chargers draw power continuously, even when the device is not plugged in.
  9. Raise the temperature slowly to keep your bill lower. Quickly raising your heat pump’s temperature activates the heat strip, which uses excessive energy.
  10. Switch your ceiling fan to turn in a counter-clockwise direction in the summer; in the winter, run it at low speed, but clockwise.

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