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New Year Resolutions for Your Nashville Home

New Year’s resolutions are on the forefront of our minds this month. A lot of us want to lose weight and get fit. Others might be trying to quit smoking or drink less. But with all these personal goals, perhaps it’s time to transform them into “home resolutions.” 2014 is a year of new possibilities and it’s easy to improve your health along with your home’s. Here are some common resolutions you should commit to this year:

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1. Get Fit = Exercise Your DIY Skills

Have you been dreaming of adding in a office library or creating the perfect “man-cave” to relax in? Are there repairs that need to be finished around the house? Take a break from the gym and work out the body with your own DIY projects. You’ll not only burn calories, but you’ll improve your home living experience. If you’ve been interested in how many calories you can burn from working around the house, CalorieLab has already done the math for you:

  • Building a fence = 340 calories per hour
  • Caulking windows and doors = 280 calories per hour
  • Cleaning rain gutters = 272 calories per hour
  • Mowing the lawn = 306 calories per hour
  • Interior painting = 136 calories per hour

2. Get Organized = Lose the Clutter

Are you tearing your hair out from all the clutter in your home? Do you need more space in the closets? Then, it’s time to start getting rid of the clutter. Create fresh storage space by adding in wall shelves around the home and throwing away anything you no longer need. If you still need space, get creative. Shoe organizers can be used to store keys, notepads, and cell phones. Chests can double as coffee tables and living room storage containers.

3. Get Out of Debt = Budget for Improvements

Every year, doesn’t it seem like some major and unforeseen home repair takes away the chunk of money you were saving for vacation? Instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen, take some time this year to fit these expenses into your budget. The extra money could come from your entertainment fund, but at least you’ll be expecting it this time.

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4. Lose Weight = Use Less Energy

It’s an honorable goal to use energy more efficiently in your home. There are several ways that you can accomplish this. Each of them has an initial cost, but the money you spend will be repaid by costs in energy savings over the next many years. Energy saving light bulbs, energy efficient appliances, solar panels, and a Lutron lights are some of the things that you should consider purchasing to make your home more energy efficient. More homes in Nashville are beginning to take advantage of these technologies for their smart savings.

5. Volunteer = Support Your Community

Joining a community project, like the neighborhood watch, can add value to your home community. If you vow to become more active in community doings, you will become more entrenched in your community while also making your neighborhood a better place to live. Choose a program that suits your interests or concerns, and dig in to improving your neighborhood.

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