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Last Minute Christmas DIY Ideas

Still scrambling to get some last minute Christmas décor in order for your holiday party this weekend? No worries – we got you covered with some simple DIY table décor tips that will look like you put in more effort than you actually did.


Have a random piece of garland lying around? Place it along the center of your table to act as a runner, and pair with short and tall candles throughout.

We all have random Christmas décor lying around our homes, whether it’s some funky trees, woodland creatures, a vintage car, the list goes on. Place one of these in the center for a quirky centerpiece that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Perhaps the easiest centerpiece of all is filling up a jar (or wine glasses!) with leftover ornaments. The more sparkly the better for these – as the candle light will make them glisten and glow all night long.

If you have a chandelier hanging above your table, tie some ornaments or snowflakes to it and hang them at different lengths to create a fun decoration. Once again, the more sparkly the ornaments, the better!


Our personal favorite place card holder is made with candy canes. Tie candy canes together and slide a notecard between two of the hooks of the candy canes.

Put your crafting skills to use and make mini wreaths from Christmas tree branches. Weave a piece of paper in the shape of a banner across it with names on it and you’ve got a personalized, cutesy place card.

Gather some twigs, your hot glue gun, and some card stock for this next idea: glue two twigs together to create a holder for your place card. For some extra pizzazz, add a sprig from your Christmas tree.


Create a homemade banner with card stock and twine. Print out a template for each individual piece, string the banner, and write your message in! Hang above a table, in an entry way, or across the mantle.

Instead of the cliche paper snowflakes, glue together some twigs from outside to create fun, rustic snowflakes to hang throughout your home or on your tree! Follow this link for a step-by-step guide.

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