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How to Turn any House Into Home

We all have a spot that we call home. As humans, we need a place to rest our heads at night to recharge. As people, we need somewhere we can hangout and feel safe.

A house can be any basic form of residence, whether its an apartment, mobile home, or a ranch. But the form of the house doesn’t matter as much as what’s inside–because those are the people and things that make a house a home.

It’s easy to get caught up in interior design and forget that a home is more than a color coded bookshelf or what’s on sale at a local Home Goods store.

We all love that feeling of home and around the world people are decorating in vastly different ways. But no matter what the size or shape of your home is, there seems to be some universal ideas that reoccur in homes over and over.

Here are a few things we think that make houses feel more welcoming and lived-in.









There are so many forms of good lighting and for so many different reasons. Changing out any pre-existing lighting allows you to add a personal touch and it allows you to determine where and how light works in your room. Lighting is one of the ways you can create separate areas for reading, eating, relaxing etc. Having bulbs that are soft and light will definitely help make a difference in your home in no time.

Display Your Memories

From framed photos to your child’s works of art, the quickest way to make a new home your own is by adorning the walls with your favorite artworks and photos. Artwork gives a special meaning to decorating and is a great way to make a room feel special.

Go Retro







Personalize your space with antique or vintage furniture and decorative items, which add an intimate feel to any room. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a retro chair you picked up at a market, retro items instantly add a unique flavor to your space.


The thing that unites homes everywhere is an attention to what happens under your feet. Even if you don’t want wall-to-wall carpet, think about padding out your home with soft rugs. Comfy rugs you can sit on and feel under your feet make it feel comfortable and can add cute accent to any room.









A lot of what makes a house feel like a home has to do with functionality. With so many designs based on aesthetics, its hard to get around to decisions that are based on style before you have to deal with all the necessities of storage. Storage can be simple and straight forward, but can have a style and meaningful side too. The simple step of giving everything a place of its own goes a long way in creating a room that feels beautiful.


Although there are plenty of other ways you can make a house feel like a home, these are our top 5. Our Armstrong Real-Estate agents are passionate about helping you find your dream home. But in the end, if you want your home to make you happy, it’s not necessarily about the designs in your home. It’s simply about your living space reflecting the essence of the person you are. When you are living comfortably and happy that’s what matters—the rest is just stuff. Click HERE or call us at 615.807.0579 to explore houses in the Nashville area!

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