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House Hunting Tips to Find the Perfect Nashville Home

You’ve decided to purchase a new home in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a terrific location – a friendly, mid-sized city with lots of activities for music lovers, outdoor adventure-lovers, and the whole family too. The climate gives you a lot to love, from temperate winters to warm and sunny summers. But how do you find the right home for you in such an eclectic and diverse locale?

With many charming homes on the market, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and make a hurried purchase. To avoid kicking yourself later for a home you realize you don’t love later on, here are a few house hunting tips to keep in mind during your home search around Nashville:

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1. Prioritize

Before beginning your quest for the perfect home, it’s important to know what ‘perfect’ really means to you. What qualities are must-haves in a new home? What qualities would be nice, but might need to be considered well after the essentials are taken care of? It can help to make a list and use that to narrow your search. Plus, it keeps you from splurging on home amenities you can’t afford at times.

2. Walk through Once and Note First Impressions

Once you begin visiting homes, you may find the experience overwhelming or at least a little disorienting. To help that pass, walk through a home once to get a first impression of the space. Let the jitters get out of your system and then try to think about the house you’re viewing less emotionally and more rationally.

3. Review the Space

After that first excitement-laden trip through the house, you should be ready to begin matching what you see with the priority list you made. How does the house stack up? Does it have your must-have features or is it lacking something?

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4. Use a Memory Aid: Sketches and Photos

Just in case you’re viewing more than a few homes, it can help to draw a quick sketch of the layout of each to serve as a reminder and help with your decision making. They don’t need to be to professional-grade to be helpful. Even better: ask to take quick pics with your phone.

5. Open Storage Areas

You really want to do this. It’s important to know how much space is available in a home, whether you’re up-sizing or down-sizing. Judge whether or not the amount suits your needs. Note the number of closets and the cabinet space in the kitchen especially. If the current family is already stuffing their cabinets full of items, it may be a sign there isn’t enough room.

6. Check Up, Down, and Under

Once you have a house under consideration, it’s time to take a closer look at places that you might otherwise take for granted, like the ceilings, floors under rugs, walls, trim work, windows, the roof, and even under the sinks. You may want a home inspection before you buy, but this first once-over can eliminate some poor candidates too.

Buying a Home in Nashville, TN

A lot of time and energy goes into buying the right home, but in the end, it is always worth making the effort to do it right. You’ll live in your home for years to come and make a lot of great memories there. With these tips to help you find that special home that’s just right for you, the process should be that much easier and the end result that much more wonderful for you and your family.

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