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Getting your Home Ready to Sell

Selling your home can be an extremely rewarding process.  After wonderful time spent and memories made, it’s now time to pass your home along to another family.  Our agents here at Armstrong want to make sure everything is just right before placing your home on the market.  Real estate is booming, and Nashville is in high demand as ever.  You’re sure to attract many potential buyers.  Let’s be ready when they arrive! 
Here are 10 easy steps to make sure your home look desirable and ready.
1. Keep it clean. This may sound like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised by the number of homes our realtors walk into that aren’t showing ready.  Especially if you have carpets, make the investment to have them professionally cleaned.  This can go a long way in ensuring any stains/odors are removed.
2. Fix broken items. Even if it’s as small as a door handle.  It gives a better overall impression of your home, and allows the buyer to focus on the wonderful things your home has to offer, not all of the replacements it will need.
3. Paint touch-ups. Your home may already be in great shape, but be sure to smooth over any scuff marks that may be visible.  Don’t forget to check exterior spaces as well.  You never know if the patio door has a chip or two. Be thorough!
4. Landscaping. Wether you’re in a townhouse with HOA taking care of your outdoors, or you’re responsible for your own up-keep, be sure to have your area weeded and mulched with some added flowers or shrubs.  This looks appealing upon entry, and you only get one chance at a first impression!
5. Decorating & staging your home. It’s nice to style your home with great conversation pieces and interesting items.  Use only a select few, as your home should be uncluttered as possible while still feeling polished.  Simplicity is best in order to ensure your potential buyers feel calm and welcomed. Visual is everything!
6. Half-empty closets.  Buyers will always look in your closets and cabinets. Remove half your belongings, and then neatly organize what’s left behind. Every buyer is looking for storage space . Keeping it neat and open as possible will showcase the room that’s available to them.
7. Open all curtains and blinds.  This will allow the room to feel light and bright.  We want every room to appear spacious as possible!
8. Always be ready to show.  Keep your home “show ready” at all times!  Make sure there are no dishes in the sink, and everything is tidy.  You never know when your buyer is going to walk through the door.
9. Conceal the Critters.  It may be cute to see a cat or dog lounging on the couch, but not everyone is an animal lover.  Ensure they are kept out of sight, along with any food bowls. The only scent we want for our potential buyers are your favorite candles.  Trust us on this one!
10. Have professional photos taken.  When selling your home, the first step is getting your client interested enough to come by.  Make sure you have great pictures to showcase how beautiful your home is.

Have any questions about your listing or home search? Call our office today and talk with Middle Tennessee’s real estate experts at 615.807.0579.
Pro Tip: Our agents and clients have been loving the Edgehill Village area. We have been seeing exponential growth there and have had the pleasure of helping singles and families find their new home in this hot neighborhood! With new eateries and shopping boutiques on the up and up, Edgehill is great and convenient for every lifestyle. Some of our favorite Edgehill listings in the Nashville area can be viewed here.

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