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    Why Become a Real Estate Agent?

    By Aaron Armstrong | May 4, 2018

    Overall, last year’s real estate market was healthier than it’s been since 2006. It is predicted that this will continue into 2018 (and beyond!). There are certain cities that real estate agents know to be hot spots across the country. And with around 50 to 100 people moving here a day, Nashville is most certainly... Read More

    Become a Real Estate Agent

    By Aaron Armstrong | August 29, 2017

    Have you ever thought about becoming a real estate agent?  What are the steps involved, and where do you even start?  Good news – becoming a real estate agent Is actually a simple process! If you are at least 18 years old, a resident of Tennessee, and a high school graduate (or completed your GED),... Read More

    How to Turn any House Into Home

    By Aaron Armstrong | July 18, 2017

    We all have a spot that we call home. As humans, we need a place to rest our heads at night to recharge. As people, we need somewhere we can hangout and feel safe. A house can be any basic form of residence, whether its an apartment, mobile home, or a ranch. But the form... Read More

    5 Essential Coffee Shops in Nashville

    By Aaron Armstrong | July 2, 2017

    Fact: coffee is delicious. Have you ever tried to go a day without a cup of coffee? Whether you’re having a busy work week and need a pick-me-up, or you’re meeting someone over a cup-of-joe, you deserve to actually enjoy consumption. Don’t you agree? Also fact: There are so many coffee shops in the Nashville... Read More

    Nashville’s Growth and Gains

    By Aaron Armstrong | June 9, 2017

    With an estimate of about 89 people moving to Nashville each day, some might wonder what has warranted the influx of new inhabitants. Music City is growing rapidly, and it is boosting the economy and social infrastructure! Nashville’s Past In April of 1998, Nashville was hit by two tornadoes that damaged the homes of hundreds... Read More

    Things Your Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know (But Can’t Say)

    By Aaron Armstrong | July 1, 2016

    A home sale can sometimes feel like a one-sided process. Whether you’re buying or selling, it may seem difficult to get real feedback from your realtor. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, see below for some secrets straight from the source. The agent has little control No one can ever... Read More

    Do You Actually Need A Real Estate Agent?

    By Aaron Armstrong | January 13, 2016

    We live in the internet age, a time when everything Do-It-Yourself receives praise and where information is available in excess. This begs the question: do you still NEED a real estate agent to help you buy or sell your home? Of course. Sure, we’re biased, but bias aside, the facts weigh heavily in favor that... Read More

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