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Are Open Houses a Thing of the Past?

Nashville Real EstateFor the majority of home buyers these days, the internet represents the most convenient and readily-accessible option for viewing available properties. Online listings offer potential buyers the opportunity to see multiple images of homes from a variety of perspectives, allow for 24-hour access to information, and can be viewed from any location. With all the benefits of online home listings, it’s no wonder agents and sellers are beginning to question the value of traditional open houses. The truth is that open houses offer a unique opportunity for buyers to get a real feel for a home and its location, showcasing the true potential of a property in a way an internet site cannot.

1. Are Open Houses Still An Option?

An open house allows buyers to see the home “in action,” and gives them an opportunity to see the rooms and surrounding neighborhood from yet another important perspective. For sellers, open houses offer the chance to get a feel for the housing market in their area based on the number of buyers in attendance. Open houses can also be significantly more convenient for sellers, who can show the house to a large number of prospective buyers in one day, meaning fewer individual showings in the future.

2. How to Avoid the Biggest Open House Mistakes

Hosting an open house can be a positive experience for motivated sellers, but there are some common mistakes to avoid in order to ensure the event is a success. Don’t try to host an open house yourself, allow your agent the responsibility of coordinating the event. In fact, buyers will feel more comfortable if you, your pets, and your family are not present at all. And although it’s critically important that you make your home look clean and neat, don’t restrict access to any rooms. Rent a storage unit or move excess clutter elsewhere for the duration of the open house.

Nashville Real Estate

3. Best Open House Practices

You’re basically inviting people to come and admire your house, so be sure to give them something admirable to view. Make sure all interior surfaces are clean and open, and that all exterior landscaping looks trim and healthy. Bring in fresh flowers, both inside and outside, and take down any highly personal effects. This is an opportunity to catch an interested buyer’s eye and in order to do so they need to imagine themselves and their things in your home.

4. Get Creative

If the purpose of the open house is to share the unique character of your home with prospective buyers, take this opportunity to show off local flavor, and your kitchen, by serving food from the area, or displaying local art.

No matter what your recipe for a successful open house, take full advantage of technology to advertise the event, and be sure to choose a time when the majority of home buyers will be available to view your property. Allow your agent to help you get the word out, and ask for suggestions that will bring out the special character of your home for everyone who attends. Please let us know if you have any questions about the home sale process, we would be happy to chat!


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