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6 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

nashville-real-estate-armstrong-best-realtors-music-city-east-nashville-green-hillsIt may not be time for spring cleaning, but the holidays are right around the corner – and entering into the holiday season with a decluttered life is always a good idea! If the image of your in-laws in your home for Thanksgiving isn’t reason enough to clean up, see below for three reasons why you should keep your home nice and tidy:

1. It affects your sleep. A recent study found that if your room is a mess, your quality of sleep is worse. If cleaning up helps you catch up on your Zzz’s, then it’s well worth the effort!

2. It makes your allergies worse. If your place is unorganized, you’re probably unable to dust. Dust bunnies are not your friends, and are creating more hassle for your health in the long run. Try and declutter, so that the task of dusting is easier, and to ensure your home isn’t causing your health to suffer!

3. It makes it harder to focus. If there’s too much stuff lying around your room or home office, your brain can’t decide what to focus on because there’s too much visual stimuli. Eliminating the clutter helps clear the way for you to be your most productive self!

Understanding these three benefits of better sleep, eliminating dust-causing allergens, and helping you focus, it’s time to declutter! Here are 6 easy ways to declutter your home!

1. Give yourself 5 minutes.

Whether it’s organizing your sock drawer or clearing off your nightstand, establish one goal and set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Baby steps are important and make the overall experience seem less daunting. If you think of every single thing you need to do, the list becomes overwhelming and nothing gets done. Starting small will help you accomplish your goal incrementally!

2. Fill one trash bag.

Grab a trash bag and fill it to the very top! Don’t worry about separating what you plan to donate or toss, just put it all in one bag then go from there. Having a clear goal in mind makes the finish line seem closer and helps you stay motivated to complete the task.

3. Empty the sink (please!)

A common problem in most home is that the dirty dishes pile up…and up and up! It’s time to wash them – and to stop the pattern of leaving them in the sink in the first place! To avoid this habit from getting out of hand every time you eat, force yourself to wash the dishes as soon as you’re done using them (plus this will make it easier in the long run so that you’re not soaking and scrapping off caked on food thats been sitting for days!). If you’re unable to get to the mountain you’ve neglected to clean, separate it into two different tasks. Once you’ve washed them all, put them on a drying rack or towel to store away later – again – baby steps!

4. Rethink recycling bins

If you’re using one bin for recycling, it’s time to upgrade. All it takes is one spilled milk carton to realize organization is key. Easy fix? Think vertical! Stack another bin on top to sort paper from plastic, doubling your space in the same amount of floor space. We recommend these from the container store, to keep things neat and tidy while saving the environment 🙂

6. Say no more to shoe piles.

Another easy task to tackle is organizing your shoes!! It’s best not to track in all the outside dirt and dust across your home, so kicking off your shoes by the door may be your best bet. But if you have a tendency to let them pile up, it can be an eye sore and impact the first impression when people walk in your home. There are tons of storage options so you can keep your floors clean, and your entry way clutter free! See here for our very favorite entry way storage solution!


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