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5 Stress-Free Organizational Projects You Can Finish In An Afternoon

Now is the perfect time to get resolution ready by organizing your home before the new year begins. We’ve compiled a list of easy organizational projects you can complete in just one afternoon. Create a space that keeps you calm and energized and prepare yourself to have a happier new year.

1. De-junk the drawers

Papers, pens, and trinkets with no home often find a place in our drawers, too often – permanently. Items we think we’ve lost could easily be found in the back of a drawer. To save money, and space, invest in plastic organizers. Toss the true junk, and sort alike items together. That way, when you need AA batteries, you head to your drawer, not the closest convenience store.

2. Give your kitchen a once-over

Uncramp your kitchen by kicking out all of the goods that don’t belong there. While you’re in the mindset of throwing things away, check the expiration dates on the products in your pantry and toss what’s expired. Clear the cabinets with a damp cloth while they’re visible, and then give the rest of the countertops a good scrub. You’ll be feeling fresh and free in just one hour’s time.

3. Ditch the doubles.

Need two? No, you don’t. It’s unlikely that you need two of every item, or even most items. Get rid of the extras that are adding clutter, and consider adopting the one in one out rule to protect yourself. That is, every time an item comes into your home a similar item has to leave.

4. Clear Your Kids Room without The Stress

Broken toys, dried-out markers, socks without a match? Time to go. Set the timer on your phone for ten minutes and clean until the timer goes off. Don’t undertake any major cleaning projects just focus on clearing the clutter. Make your list of small and easy things to toss and get to work.

5. Clean out your closet

If you can’t see inside your closet because it’s so cramped, or if you’re having issues with your clothes sprawling further and further out of your closet – it’s time to make a change. Grab a fresh box of garbage bags just for throwing clothes out and sort through the ill-fitting, old and just plain ugly.


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