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5 Simple Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve frequently thought about what it would be like to tear down various walls throughout your home in order to give an open feel to your floor plan.  Making your home appear more spacious can be easier thank you think.  Without the hassle and crazy amount of expenses that remodeling entails, we’ve found some simple things to incorporate in your home that will give off the illusion of openness.  Here are 5 simple ways to make your home look and feel more airy.

1. Add Mirrors

Placing mirrors strategically around the room can instantly create depth.  Wether it be individual mirrors, or mirrors that go from floor to ceiling, they reflect light and can make a small room appear larger.

2. Be Smart With Your Furniture Selection

Remove bulky furniture items.  If removing large furniture pieces such as cabinets or armoires is not an option, try painting them an off-white/light color in order to blend them into the room.

3. Unify flooring

Another trick is to unify your flooring. Continuous flooring makes a room look more spacious.  Consider this when choosing accents such as rugs.  Try to focus on solids and avoid most patterns as they can give off a cluttered vibe.  However, rugs that contain vertical stripes can make a room feel longer.

4. Declutter Your Space

Sometimes less is more!  Clear out unnecessary items from a room.  Less cluttered spaces tend to be more appealing to the eye, as well as the added bonus of less things to clean, worry about, or replace!  Keep it simple.

5. Stick With Light Colors

Sticking to a color theme provides an easy flow throughout a room.  Try to match your decorations, pillows, ect. to a group of like-colors.  Tip: When it comes to paint, try to stay on the lighter side of the color palette.  Darker paint absorbs light, as the opposite goes for light colors which increases the brightness in a room to appear roomier.

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