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12 Tips to Selling Your Nashville Home Before Christmas

With the holidays fast approaching, home buying activity will begin to slow dramatically. If you’re looking to attract the last bit of home buyers before the holiday season turns everyone’s attention to gifts and family meals, you will need to act quickly. Get your Nashville home sell ready with our 12 tips to selling your home before Christmas!

Belle Meade Nashville TN Homes for Sale

1. Choose The Best Realtor

Talk to a few real estate agents and see which one is best suited for you. Each one has a different selling strategy and it’s always advisable to compare. See how many homes your realtor has sold and how they plan to market your home. Your agent should be someone you trust and can rely on. If you have any doubt to how good the agent is, you can check their reviews on sites like and Google Reviews.

2. Find Out What Your Home is Worth

Once you’ve found your agent, you need to decide on a listing price for your home. To get a ballpark idea, you should consult with your agent. They know the current market conditions and understand what price buyers will be purchasing at. Your agent should also show you a comparative market analysis, which compares your homes to recently sold homes. There you can see what value you can set your home at. You can also use our free online home valuation tool:

What is my Nashville Home Worth

3. Decide On a Listing Price

Remember that many buyers want to negotiate price, so it’s good to leave room for negotiation. Choose a good price that is competitive with other homes for sale in your area. Remember that not all buyers put the same value on improvements as you do.

4. Make Repairs

You want your home to be in excellent condition when you’re selling. Be sure all appliances work, and that plumbing works correctly. If there are damaged areas, fix them before offering it for sale. These are potential turn-offs that won’t create a good first impression with home buyers in the Nashville area.

5. Get Rid of any Clutter

When there are too many decorations, it creates a cluttered appearance. Buyers like a clean look so they can focus on the good qualities of each room. Never stash items in closets. Buyers will look in closets to see all potential available space. In addition, you should remove personal items from bathroom sinks when you’re done using them. Buyers will want to see the amount of space they have in the bathroom, not your personal hygiene.

If you have kids, make sure to clean up their toys and properly store them. Buyers don’t want to have to climb over things on the floor.

6. Arrange Furniture

If furniture is arranged in odd ways, it detracts from your home’s appeal. Arranging furniture diagonally can create an illusion of more space. If a room is open and multipurpose, a couch can help divide the space. Creativity blended with practicality is best when arranging furnishings.

If you have a small space and want to make it appear larger, try utilizing dual-purpose furniture like a chest for a coffee table. You can store items inside, while still serving it’s other purpose. In addition, you should place larger furniture items in the back, along the wall. Their size alone will create a spacious appearance, but if they are left in the middle of the room, they divide the space into small chunks.

7. Stage All Bathrooms

Bathrooms are key rooms that buyers look at. They want very clean space, with a comfortable, spa-like feel. Painting the room in a soothing color helps, along with removing personal items to make a statement of clean, orderly space.

8. Stage Your Kitchen

Be fastidious about cleaning. Clean kitchens are more attractive. Remove clutter and emphasize good areas in the kitchen by removing islands and things that use space. You want to create a spacious, airy feel. Even small upgrades make a difference, like replacing cabinet hardware and handles.

9. Create Great Curb Appeal

Be sure trees and shrubs are under control, trimmed, and tidy. Sidewalks should be clean and the yard raked. Plant pretty flowers in containers to enhance appeal. Display a decorative wreath on the door for a welcoming feel.

10. Seasonal Touches Are Helpful

One great selling feature is Christmas and holiday scents. Smell is an important sensory element that gives a great first impression of a home. Cinnamon and spices are always a good choice, as well as floral scents, during this holiday time.

11. Host An Open House

Get ready for an open house by tidying up. Take down pictures, especially family or controversial pictures. Decorate with stylish, simple accents. Have a sign advertising the open house. You should take this time to get out of the house and do something in the city. Buyers want the freedom to comment and look around without owners watching their every move. Your agent can take care of the details during the open house.

12. Go Over Feedback With Your Realtor

If you didn’t receive any offers on your home yet, the open house will be an excellent source of feedback. You and your agent can see what buyers are thinking and adjust your marketing strategy from there.

Selling Your Nashville Home

If you’d like more information about selling your home in the Nashville area, read our free home seller’s eBook:

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