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10 Budget Friendly ways to Bring your Kitchen to Life!

The first step to preparing a great meal is having an inspiring environment to feel creative in.  So many memories are made in the kitchen; during prepping and while enjoying!  Whether you’re currently house hunting with one of our agents here at Armstrong Real-estate, or we’ve helped you find your dream home in the past, you know a bright and lively kitchen is on the top of our priority list.  Let’s ensure your kitchen will be kickin’ with some great budget friendly tips below.  We’ll be expecting a cookie delivery after your kitchen gets its new groove on.  Oatmeal please!  🙂

1. Replace your Floor-mat

One of the first things we recommend when a space is in need of an upgrade, is to add a rug or floor mat in unexpected colors.  When choosing lighter colors, be sure to keep it clean!  This plays wonders on your overall kitchen appeal.

2. Glass Jars for Storage

From homemade jam to fancy herb vinegars and oils, using glass jars for storage will help you stay organized and keep your kitchen looking neat and put together.  They come in many shapes and sizes, so you’ll find endless uses for them.  We like to label the bottoms with the expiration date of the contents inside;  don’t forget this step!

3. Drawer Organizers

Having less junk on your counters creates space and openness that will allow your kitchen to “breathe.”  There’s no better feeling than walking into an area that’s clear.

4. Hang Pots & Pans

Hanging pots and pans in your kitchen is a great way to stay organized and promote their use.  So many of us give up after we see how much digging is involved when searching for that perfect pot in our drawers and cabinets.  And besides that, it just looks great!  How fun to showcase some of your favorite skillets.

5. Add New Drawer/Cabinet Hardware

Switching out your old knobs for new can really modernize and transform the look of your kitchen.  You can choose fun colors, or handles that are more contemporary with a silver/gold finish.

6. Update Backsplash

Refreshing your backsplash may be just what you need to take your kitchen to the next level.  Choose a happy hue; we like a mosaic or tiled pattern.  This will be sure to freshen up the overall vibe.  Don’t forget that your backsplash can be made of glass, tile, or even wood, so the world is your oyster – – have fun with this one!

7. Add a Temporary Island

If there’s room, adding a temporary island is a great way to add more counter space.  You can also pull up a stool or two and create an eating area out of it.  Double score!

8. Add Fresh Flowers/Fruit

Choose a variety of colorful, seasonal fruits and/or flowers to display on your countertop.  This will not only look great, but smell wonderful also.  We love to match the display objects to a color found in either your chosen backsplash or floor-mat.  This creates continuity and helps tie everything together.

9. Add Artwork

Nothing shows personal style like fresh art!  This can consist of a new painting, pottery, or some cool design plates of your choice.  Hanging a bright, eye-catching piece of art can become a great focal point for your kitchen, and really help breathe new life into your space.

10. Invite Friends Over

Last but not least, the best way to bring life and love into your kitchen is inviting friends and family over to share in your hard work.  Let the cooking and baking begin.  Enjoy!

Our Armstrong Real-Estate agents are passionate about helping you find your dream home.  We’d love to see you in the beautiful area of Hillsboro Village. Here you’ll find Whole foods, Trader Joe’s, and the Green Hills Mall all in walking distance from one another. Click HERE to explore the most up to date Hillsboro listings Nashville has to offer!  Give us a call @ 615.807.0579 and we’ll go from there!   After you get settled into your new home, we can’t wait to receive those oatmeal cookies! 😉

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